The GT Solution

Global Thermostat’s patented breakthrough technology removes CO2 from ambient air or other sources utilizing readily available, low-cost process heat. That CO2 is then used profitably in multiple industrial processes, meeting the needs of a > $1 Trillion annual market.

With its great flexibility and scalable implementations, GT plants can be of any size, and can standalone, or be integrated with:


Legacy power plants, which become carbon sinks
Unlike other carbon capture methods, GT’s air capture technology can be retrofitted into an existing facility, eliminating the need to redesign the plant’s processes.


Renewable energy plants
Rather than simply avoiding the creation of more CO2 emissions, GT’s direct air capture technology makes it possible for renewable energy plants such as concentrated solar power to be carbon negative.


Manufacturing facilities become carbon sinks
GT’s air capture technology allows the capture of CO2 in conjunction with heavy industrial processes such as metal smelting, cement production, and petrochemical refining.

The process heat generated by these facilities following the production of energy or industrial output is used to capture CO2 from the surrounding air or other sources – at low concentrations – economically, reliably, and cost effectively.

Global Thermostat’s technology cleans the atmosphere of excess CO2, giving the world the time it needs to deploy new sources of energy for a clean and secure energy future – while increasing energy supplies.

Proven & Patented

Pilot & Commercial Demo plants operating since 2010 at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA Sixteen patents awarded in the US and Japan, and more pending, across 147 nations

Uniquely Flexible

GT is the only company that can economically capture CO2 anywhere — directly from the air as well as from industrial smokestacks

Carbon Negative

Uses residual heat to capture more CO2 than power plants or industrial facilities emit

Proven & Validated Technology

Low Technology Risk Similar materials and processes have been used for decades for other purposes Performance has been shown to be highly linear, from bench- to pilot-scales

Modular & Scalable

GT is the only company that can economically capture CO2 anywhere — directly from the air as well as from industrial smokestacks

Affordable & Economical

GT can capture CO2 at a remarkably low cost It is profitable and does not require subsidies or carbon credits

Industry Leading Partners

GT partners with world-leading companies & institutions including SRI International, Corning Technology and costs have been independently evaluated by Det Norske Veritas


World’s lowest cost CO2 per tonne

Located Anywhere

GT plants can generate their own heat & power, so can be located practically anywhere