“Worlds Top 10 Most Innovative Company in Energy” – Fast Company April 2015

For addressing global warming by grabbing carbon dioxide out of the air.Our energy-intensive western lifestyle comes with a hefty price: To generate most of our electricity we burn fossil fuels, a process that pumps billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. That CO2, in turn, helps warm the atmosphere (and explains why 2014 was the hottest year on record). Global Thermostat has a fix: filter air through devices that capture the CO2 with a chemical scrubber. The greenhouse gas can then either be stored deep underground or be used for industrial processes, synthetic fuels—even for growing algae.

“2016 Finalist Award” – NYSERDA June 2016

76West is an unparalleled competition focused on growing entrepreneurs in the region and attracting resources from the U.S. and around the world to build clean energy businesses and jobs in New York State’s Southern Tier Region. NYSERDA sponsors the competition, which offers $10 million in prize money, including a $1 million top prize.

76West is designed to further develop the regional community of clean energy technology innovators, industry experts, educators, and investors, as well as help startups get early users for their technologies.

“2016 Top 50 Most Innovative Company in Renewable Energy” Company Energy May 2016

To make our list, your company had to be, first and foremost, innovative. Your company needed an innovative product, technology, or process to even have been considered for our rundown. That’s because innovation is what will eventually rid us of our dependence on fossil fuels. And innovation will help more people get affordable energy on this planet.
The Industrial Revolution has been a lot of fun but it has pumped a bit too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  As we all know, CO2 is not good for our environment.  Global Thermostat wants to help our environment with their CO2 capture and use technology.  Their device draws CO2 directly from the air—it’s like a scrubber on steroids.  It’s cheap, easy to use, a breeze to integrate, and can be placed just about anywhere.