Ben Bronfman

Mr. Benjamin Bronfman is a founding partner at Global Thermostat. He brings 15 years experience in direct air capture, sustainability, corporate transactions, venture experience and entrepreneurship to the board of directors of Global Thermostat.

Throughout his career, Bronfman has raised over 150M in capital for transactions across DAC, alternative healthcare and fintech. Bronfman has spent his career identifying critical new business areas that have intrinsic societal benefits and has played a leading role in bringing & structuring capital in at the early stages.

Bronfman served as the President of business development and a member of the board of directors at Bedrocan International, the largest pharmaceutical based cannabis company in Europe.

Bronfman is the founder of Electric Tree, a carbon removal company focused on scaling carbon removal technologies through blockchain protocols and creating ubiquitous access for citizens to take meaningful climate action. “We will not continue to make progress towards a just and fair society if we cannot reconcile a new form of capitalism that operates at the intersection of climate justice and social justice.”

Bronfman is a grammy-nominated musician and has served on the boards of the following non-profits: the Fifteen Percent Pledge, Liberty Science Center, Americans for Safe Access and Pioneer Works.