About Carbon Capture and Use


Global Thermostat’s technology is doubly revolutionary, in that it works equally well at capturing CO2 from power plants and industrial flues as it does capturing CO2 directly from the air anywhere.
Other carbon capture technologies generally only work economically when sucking on the rich CO2streams coming out of an industrial smokestack. But GT can also economically extract CO2 directly from the air, making it AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, AND ABUNDANTLY AVAILABLE for use practically anywhere.

This eliminates the need for expensive trucking and long pipelines, opening up vast new markets and geographies to CO2 use – whether for Enhanced Oil Recovery; Synthetic or Algae Biofuels; Gas-to-Liquids; Greenhouse & On-Field Crop Enhancement; Industrial Gases; and a plethora of other existing and emerging uses.


GT offers a “platform” of technologies in several modalities, or embodiments, for different uses:


In a PURE AIR EMBODIMENT GT plants capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere at low concentrations, and can be carbon negative. They co-locate with industrial facilities (or solar farms) to utilize their residual process heat to run the carbon capture operations.

In a CARBURETED EMBODIMENT GT plants co-locate with industrial facilities to utilize their residual heat, and capture concentrated CO2 from those facilities’ smoke stacks. GT blends that CO2 with atmospheric air, and can capture significantly more CO2 than is being emitted. By capturing this additional atmospheric CO2, the system can be carbon negative. This model produces the lowest cost CO2 per tonne.

SELF-CARBURETED EMBODIMENTS are truly stand-alone: they burn fuel in GT’s own gas turbines, generating the heat and electricity needed to capture their own emissions while also capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, remaining carbon negative.