Covering Climate Now 2021 – Companies Try New Technology To Suck Greenhouse Gas Out Of The Atmosphere


As part of a global journalism collaboration of more than 400 news outlets committed to better coverage of the climate crisis, Brett Dahlberg, reporting for Boston-based NPR member station, WBUR, spoke with Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky, CEO and co-founder, to hear more about the work Global Thermostat is doing to stop catastrophic climate change.

In Mr. Dahlberg’s reporting, he did not just hear from Dr. Chichilnisky, he found out that “scientists and governments agree: there’s so much carbon dioxide in the air right now that to avoid the worst effects of global warming, the world can’t just stop polluting. It needs to take the greenhouse gas that’s already in our atmosphere out.”

Click here to listen to Brett Dahlberg’s report.