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Founders and Management

Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky has worked extensively on the Kyoto Protocol, creating and designing the carbon market that became international law in 2005 and wrote the wording for the carbon market into the Kyoto Protocol at the COP in Kyoto in December 1997.

The Washington Post calls her an “A-List Star” and Time Magazine calls her a “Hero of the Environment”. U.S. Congressman, Jay Inslee wrote that her work is “revolutionary for the international community”. A world-renowned economist, she is the creator of the formal theory of Sustainable Development and acted as Lead US Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the Nobel Prize in 2007. Her pioneering work uses innovative market mechanisms to create Green Capitalism. She acts as a special adviser to several UN organizations and heads of state.

Dr. Chichilnisky is CEO and Co-Founder of Global Thermostat, ( a company that has created a “Carbon Negative Technology”™ that captures CO2 from air and transforms it into profitable assets such as biofuels, food, beverages and enhanced oil recovery.

Earlier, she founded and led two successful companies: FITEL, a financial telecommunications company that was sold in Japan; and Cross Border Exchange, a global technology communications company sold to JP Morgan.

Additionally, Dr. Chichilnisky is a Professor of Economics and Mathematical Statistics and a University Senator at Columbia University, and Director of the Columbia Consortium for Risk Management (, where she has developed a landmark methodology, with support from the U.S. Air Force, for a new foundation of probability and statistics in an approach to catastrophic risks that allows more realistic treatment of rare but important events. She is the author of fifteen books and some 320 scientific articles in preeminent academic journals. Her two most recent books are “The Economics of Climate Change” and “Saving Kyoto.”

Dr. Chichilnisky holds two Ph.D. degrees, in Mathematics and Economics from MIT and UC Berkeley. She is a frequent political and economic speaker on CNN, ABC, BBC TV News, and Bloomberg News, as well as a frequent keynote speaker at leading international conferences and universities. She taught previously at Harvard, Essex and Stanford Universities, appeared in Time Magazine on “Heroes of the Environment,” and was elected one of the Ten Most Influential Latinos in the U.S.

Dr. Chichilnisky is currently a Visiting Professor at Stanford University. Silicon Valley magazine Fast Company just selected her company, Global Thermostat, as the “World’s Top Ten Most Innovative Company” in Energy. Dr. Chichilnisky was selected as the 2015 “CEO of the Year” awarded by IAIR at Yale University Club in NYC on April 16.

You can view Graciela Chichilnisky’s Resume here

Dr. Peter Eisenberger

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Eisenberger has studied and worked in the applied sciences field for more than four decades. He started his career at Bell Laboratories in 1968 where from 1974-1981 he was a department head and his research interests involved using X-ray produced by Synchrotron radiation to study the structural properties of complex solids and surfaces. In 1981, Dr. Eisenberger joined Exxon Research and Engineering Company as Director of their Physical Sciences laboratory, where he remained until 1989.

In 1989, Dr. Eisenberger was appointed Professor of Physics and Director of the Princeton Materials Institute at Princeton University that he founded. From 1996-1999, he was appointed Vice Provost of the Earth Institute and Director of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University and today is a Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia. Dr. Eisenberger also was a director at Cross Border Exchange from 2000-2003.

Throughout his work career, Dr. Eisenberger has remained active in various academic roles and scientific associations. He was a consulting professor at Stanford University’s Applied Physics Department from 1981-1987, chair of the Advanced Photon Steering Committee and a participant in National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and Department of Energy (DOE) studies. Eisenberger is a fellow of both the American Physical Society and the American Association of the Advancement of Science. He was one of the authors of the National Action Plan for Materials Science and Engineering and was a member of the Commission of the Future of the National Science Foundation (NSF). He was chair of the Advisory Committee in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division of the NSF. Additional affiliations include Chairman of the Board of the Invention Factory Science Center, Member of the Board of Trustees for New Jersey’s Inventors Hall of Fame, Director of Associated Institutions for Materials Science, and organizer of several NSF/DOE Conferences. He was appointed by the Governor of New Jersey to the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology and is a member of the GEO2000 Task Force of the NSF.

Dr. Eisenberger attended Princeton University from 1959-1963, where he received a B.A. in Physics with honors. He received a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for his first year at Harvard University and a Harvard Fellowship for his second year. He graduated in 1967 from Harvard University with Ph.D. in Applied Physics and remained at Harvard for one year as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, where he did research in both biophysics and on the polaron theory.

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Executive Chairman

Mr. Bronfman Jr. served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG), one of the world’s largest music companies and home to a collection of the best-known record labels in the music industry (2004-2012). In 2004, Mr. Bronfman led a private investment group in its acquisition of WMG from Time Warner and, in 2005, led the company’s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Bronfman currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Endeavor Global, an international non-profit development organization and serves as General Partner at Accretive LLC, a venture capital firm specializing in the business process outsourcing area.

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