About Global Thermostat

Formed in 2010, Global Thermostat (GT) is commercializing its advanced, multi-patented technology to transform Carbon Dioxide from a global liability into an immense profit center.

Using its proven, breakthrough technology, GT economically captures and concentrates CO2, enabling its profitable re-use across multiple large & growing industries – reducing harmful emissions, and helping to close the global carbon cycle.

A Unique Capture Process

GT uses custom equipment and proprietary (dry) amine-based chemical “sorbents” bonded to porous honeycomb ceramic “monoliths” that together act as carbon sponges, efficiently adsorbing CO2 directly from the atmosphere, from smokestacks, or from a combination of both. The captured CO2 is stripped off and collected using low-temperature steam (85-100° C) ideally sourced from residual/process heat at low- or no-cost. The output is 98% pure CO2 at standard temperature & pressure. Nothing but steam and electricity is consumed, and no other effluents or emissions are created. The entire process is mild, safe, and carbon negative.

Global Thermostat’s Carbon Capture & Utilization Plants make unlimited amounts of CO2; produced reliably, at low cost, and on-site wherever needed, ready for commercial use, eliminating long pipelines and transportation costs.

Modular & Small Footprint: GT plants are completely modular – from a single 50,000 tonne/yr. Module to a 40-Module, 2MM tonne/yr. Plant, and larger – a GT plant grows by adding more modules. GT Plants also have a small footprint – capturing from 20-500 tonnes of CO2/yr./m2 or more, depending on the embodiment used.

Plants can be Stand-Alone (Pure Air), or Co-Located with large emitters – both new & existing. In fact, integrating GT’s post-combustion process with an existing power plant is quite simple, and has been done with just a single day of power plant down-time.

GT enables truly Carbon Negative electricity generation: a GT plant utilizing the residual heat of, and capturing the CO2-rich flue gases from, an adjacent fossil fueled power plant can capture substantially more CO2 than that plant emits. Similarly, GT can utilize the “harmful” heat byproduct of PV solar farms to power its Plants, turning the farms into giant carbon sinks, while increasing their profitability through CO2 sales.

And unlike some other green initiatives, GT requires no government subsidies or Carbon Credits to be economical and profitable.

Exclusive Benefits

Transformative Technology Provides Abundant, Reliable Supply of CO2:

CO2 drawn from industrial flues, or directly from the air

Supplied in any quantity desired, via totally modular design.

  • Modules capture ~40,000 tonnes/yr. earch
  • Can expand as needed, by adding more modules

Low Cost:

Affordable & profitable without government subsidies or carbon credits

Easy to integrate with existing or new-built power plants

Small footprint: captures CO2 at hundreds of tonnes/yr./m2

Carbon Negative: uses residual heat to capture more CO2 than power plants emit

Can Be Located Anywhere:

CO2 supplied on-site, wherever needed

  • Slashes transportation costs
  • No long pipelines needed

Can be stand-alone, or co-located with large emitters

  • Runs on cheap & plentiful residual/process heat
  • Ideal for remote/austere locations

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