The Global Thermostat Founders and Management

Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Peter Eisenberger

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Executive Chairman

Who We Are Unique:

Global Thermostat (GT) provides cutting edge CO2 Capture & Use technology

Transformative Technology Provides Abundant, Reliable Supply of CO2:

CO2 drawn from industrial flues, or directly from the air

Supplied in any quantity desired, via totally modular design.

  • Modules capture ~40,000 tonnes/yr. each
  • Can expand as needed, by adding more modules

Low Cost:

Affordable & profitable without government subsidies or carbon credits

Easy to integrate with existing or new-built power plants

Small footprint: captures CO2 at hundreds of tonnes/yr./m2

Carbon Negative: uses residual heat to capture more CO2 than power plants emit

Can Be Located Anywhere:

CO2 supplied on-site, wherever needed

  • Slashes transportation costs
  • No long pipelines needed

Can be stand-alone, or co-located with large emitters

  • Runs on cheap & plentiful residual/process heat
  • Ideal for remote/austere locations

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With GT, Carbon Dioxide is transformed from a global liability into an
immense profit center.

GT transforms this global risk into massive financial opportunity for energy markets.

What We Do Revolutionary

Unique benefits of GT’s cutting edge technology


Pilot & Commercial Demo plants operating since 2010 at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA

Sixteen patents awarded in the US and Japan, and more pending, across 147 nations


GT is the only company that can economically capture CO2 anywhere — directly from the air as well as from industrial smokestacks


Uses residual heat to capture more CO2 than power plants or industrial facilities emit


Low Technology Risk

Similar materials and processes have been used for decades for other purposes

Performance has been shown to be highly linear, from bench- to pilot-scales


Completely modular design allows for great flexibility

Is infinitely scalable, simply by adding more capture units


GT can capture CO2 at a remarkably low cost

It is profitable and does not require subsidies or carbon credits


GT partners with world-leading companies & institutions including Georgia Tech, SRI International, Corning

Technology and costs have been independently evaluated by Det Norske Veritas


World’s lowest cost CO2
per tonne


GT plants can generate their own heat & power, so can be located practically anywhere

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GT Plants remove CO2 from wherever it’s unwanted, and provide it wherever it’s critically needed, allowing businesses and nations to satisfy both financial & environmental objectives. GT merges sustainability with profit.

Where We Are Proven:

Our pilot plant at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA
has been fully operational since 2013

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